$2.5 million from a cash-strapped Zimbabwe to be spent on Mugabe’s 93rd

While Zimbabweans are fighting the effect of cash shortages in the country, the ruling party of Zimbabwe is reportedly looking to spend some $2.5 million on President Robert Mugabe’s 93rd birthday celebration on February 21.

According to a report on NewZimbabwe.com Zanu PF party officials will raise cash in each of the 10 provinces of $2.5 million. Each (of the ten) provinces is expected to raise $250,000, they expect to raise it through provincial structures, individuals, private companies, parastatals and local authorities. However, opposition parties have attacked Mugabe for wasting money on extravagant revelry while “93 per cent of Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty caused by his incompetence and misrule”.

Sources said the budget and plans for the celebrations will be discussed today before the Zanu PF politburo by the party’s youth secretary Kudzai Chipanga.

Asked how the provinces were expected to meet their targets in a struggling economy, Chipanga said this publication should wait for official communication after the politburo meeting.

Opposition parties said they are not surprised about the huge budget because Mugabe has always “had a penchant for profligacy and wastefulness”.

MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu said Mugabe and the Zanu PF regime he fronts have always had “a notorious record for being anti-people”.

“They have a satanic appetite for seeing the majority of Zimbabweans live in abject poverty and penury,” said Gutu.

“Just imagine what the sum of $2.5 million can do in buying scarce drugs and other medicines for our public hospitals.

“The Zanu PF regime is like a chikwambo (evil monster) that feeds on people’s blood and that enjoys seeing the people wallow in squalor and deprivation.

“That amount of money should be diverted to the Department of Social Welfare where it can be used to buy food and other essentials that are badly needed by the poor and marginalized people in our country.