WEF opens centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Organizations must find a way to adapt and governments must regulate new technologies to capture their benefits. While fears remain about the readiness of the society for the revolution, the World Economic Forum has continued to lead discussions and take actions to ensure the world enjoys the benefits of the Revolution. As part of its efforts, the Foundation has opened its new Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco. The Center will serve as a platform for interaction, insight and impact on the scientific and technological changes that are changing the way we live, work and relate to one another.

“Given the accelerating change brought on by innovation, continuous public-private cooperation on a global level is needed more than ever,” said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, ahead of the opening in San Francisco. “This is the purpose of our Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco, which will serve as a global platform for dialogue and collaborative action on the most important questions related to the impact of emerging technologies.”

The Center will bring together entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, businesses, regulators, policy-makers, international organizations, NGOs and academia from all over the world. It aims to develop a common understanding of the disruptive technologies and scientific advances affecting the economy and society, and facilitate the development of policy frameworks and norms to govern them.

The Center will focus on technologies, concepts, scientific developments and new business models such as artificial intelligence and robotics, precision medicine, blockchain, drones and their civilian use, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and the role of the individual in the era of big data, the internet of things and artificial intelligence. It will also advance Forum projects such as industrial internet of things safety, digital trade, advancing the shared economy and project-based workforce, and harnessing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and innovation to improve global ocean health, management and governance.

The Center will be led by Murat Sönmez, Chief Business Officer and Member of the World Economic Forum Managing Board, who joined the Forum in 2014 after having spent 25 years in Silicon Valley.