This French company wants to create 6,000 jobs in Africa

It is a generally accepted fact that Africa offers numerous opportunities for business. However, it remains very difficult to do business on the continent, with poor infrastructure, unrest, unfavourable policies, among other things often discouraging prospective investors from coming in, and sometimes pushing foreign businesses out of the continent.

Regardless of the difficulties faced, some foreign businesses have kept faith with Africa, and most often than not they get a reward of great profit. French company Mobilitas wants to take a big chunk of Africa’s offerings and has shown commitment by expanding to the 54 countries on the continent. Mobilitas is the first French company whose activities cover the whole of Africa.

“Our activities are a good indicator of the economic health of the countries in which we operate. Thanks to our professional mobility and archiving solutions, we not only support but also accelerate economic change and development in the continent. A third of the removals we carry out each year in Africa are within the continent, which confirms its increasing integration and potential,” notes Alain Taïeb, Chairman of Mobilitas’ Supervisory Board.

Mobilitas operates in the areas of removals, executive mobility and document archiving, and is also present in 38 other countries worldwide; it employs 4,325 people, including 2,807 in Africa.

In 2016, the transport, logistics and communications sectors represented 9.3 percent of African GDP, with 16.25 percent growth in the last ten years. The continent’s strong economic growth is driving demand for mobility within Africa for both individuals and businesses. These fast-growing needs account for 35 percent to 40 percent of Mobilitas’ business. Archive management and storage are also becoming a significant need for the private sector and African countries, representing a strategic development priority for Mobilitas.

The first stage of the AFRICA 54 project (which began in 1993) ends with the group’s various companies now present right across the continent. Mobilitas is the first French company whose activities cover the whole of Africa. Mobilitas is now implementing the second stage of its pan-African vision, which involves creating a denser network of locations in its various areas of activity.

“The second stage of the AFRICA 54 project is just as ambitious as the first. We are aiming to increase our activities in Africa to respond to market demand for mobility and archiving. Over the next few decades, we will triple our workforce and create 5,800 jobs in Africa,” concludes Alain Taïeb.