Advancing African education models

As many African nations continue to focus on infrastructure investment for economic diversification and job creation, gaps continue to exist in the education sector. In light of International Literacy Day, Africa’s leading pan-African communications consultancy, Djembe Communications, will host a webinar entitled “Education Made in Africa” on September 26, 2016 at 16:30 GMT. The live webcast will address challenges and inequalities in current educational systems as well as put forward African-specific solutions to improve literacy rates across the continent.

The webinar will feature innovators and influencers in the African education sphere including:

  • Naomi Lucas, Founder & CEO of GraduatePRO, Author of Africa’s Biggest Book Project
  • Anne EbosoOkongo, Reading Revolutionary & Mandela Washington Fellow
  • Eugenia Tachie-Menson, Founder of the Young Educators Foundation
  • Obinwanne Okeke, Founder of Literacy Africa International
  • Elodie de Warlincourt, Director of the African Innovation Foundation

Nicole Anwer, Regional Director for Djembe Communications, commented: “With a rising middle class segment, many African nations are seeing an increasing demand for higher quality education. There is also a growing movement of education innovators and influencers who are calling for more inclusive education models to facilitate social impact development, and accelerate economic diversification and job creation. Our webinar aims to bring these collective voices together to put forward African-specific solutions that address the current gaps”.

A 2015 study conducted by Djembe in association with Forbes Insights found that many Africans aged 16 and 40 look to education as the key to fueling entrepreneurship-led job creation. Nearly 27 per cent of 4,000 respondents from Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria cited inadequate education systems and lack of access to skills as top barriers to fostering entrepreneurship in the sub-Saharan region.

In a diverse continent like Africa, where education models differ from one nation to the next, panelists will discuss the role of the private sector in narrowing literacy gaps as well as challenge the relevance of the western education model currently adopted in most systems. The webinar will also highlight the role of technology in advancing literacy rates and mechanisms to strengthen the quality of education offered in government schools.

The webinar is being held in partnership with the African Innovation Foundation, which is focused on unlocking African potential through enabling needs-based innovation, Real Livin Films, a company known for producing universal films from an African perspective, Maasai Girls Education Fund, which is focused on the education of Maasai girls in Kenya and Kakenya Center of Excellence in Kenya

To join the free webinar click on at 16:30 GMT |Angola – 17:30 | Ghana – 16:30 | Morocco – 16:30 | Mozambique – 18:30 | Nigeria – 17:30