Struggles of a startup: Innovation is power

Find a solution that helps people manage power in Nigeria and you are primed to strike gold. Despite the country’s economic and political “juggernaut” status in Africa, basic amenities like power remain scarce. This often disrupts daily domestic activities in homes and hampers growth of businesses, particularly for those in the teething phase.

Power Alertz aims to protect both the home and small businesses by alerting them to imminent power cuts which helps them plan their daily work schedule efficiently. Amanda Hawkins, Director at Power Alertz, believes innovative solutions like Power Alertz will go a long way in boosting growth potential of startups and budding SMEs. She shares more on the capabilities of this solution.

Power Alertz

Power Alertz is a simple, yet effective idea. It aims on sending a message to subscribers to alert them of when they will have a cut in power – allowing them to use what little power they have to perform the tasks that are most important to them. Additionally it also alerts them to when the power is going to be restored, allowing people to turn off generators thus preserve more valuable fuel.

How Power Alertz works

We will group people according to their grid positions and by embedding Power Alertz Staff in DisCos (Distribution Companies) we hope to send out fast and accurate messages to subscribers as the DisCo staff make the difficult decisions to ration power.

Power instability one of the greatest threat to the existence/growth of small businesses

In this day and age how can you run a business without constant and reliable electricity – for internet – for computers etc? Not giving young Nigerians a chance to solve their owns problems is another one. Believing in the Nigerian future.

How Power Alertz would enhance the growth prospects of Nigerian start-ups

Firstly we hope to offer a great service, empowering Nigerians with their supply of power. Secondly we also hope to inspire. We have achieved what we have achieved through grit and determination. We both live in two different places, London and Port Harcourt but we manage to keep going. It’s the vision of having a better Nigeria that focuses us, drives us. We have both given up so much.

Response from those who have used the service

It makes our day when people tell us this would be a fantastic service and they would love to be a part of it. Nigerian people understand that a significant uplift in power will not happen overnight, however this simple service will help them withstand the hardship of the power situation in Nigeria. Everyone deserves information – it is a human right.

It is both a commercial and social initiative

We have been working hard to get the right powers to buy in so we can roll this out across the country. The access of power affects everyone in life, rich or poor – wherever they are in the country.


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Steve Jobs

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Great achievement was once considered impossible.

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Linda Ikeji – inspired blogging!

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London, Madagascar.