Ethiopia contemplating a full-scale war, Eritrea tells UN

On June 12, Ethiopian and Eritrean troops reportedly clashed at several border locations, showing signs that a two-year war between the two countries which formally ended in 2000 still rages within.

Although both countries have blamed each other for starting the clash, Eritrea has raised further accusations.

Eritrean Presidential Advisor Yemane Ghebreab told the U.N. Human Rights Council on Tuesday while defending his country against allegations of crimes against humanity, that Ethiopia was contemplating full-scale war against his country.

“As we speak Ethiopia is making preparations for a bigger military offensive and contemplating a full-scale war,” Yemane said.

Ethiopia had said that the June 12 border fighting could be an effort by the Eritrean government to distract attention from a June 8 United Nations report that said its leaders committed crimes against humanity.