Kenya’s Posta launches mobile post office box

In many countries across the world postal agencies are increasingly losing their relevance as digitisation has brought about new forms of communication like email, as well as the emergence of efficient courier service providers. It has, therefore, become very important for any postal agency that will survive in the digital economy to be innovative. This is why the Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) launched a mobile-based service connecting its physical letter boxes to mobile phones of consumers in a bid to increase the use of its services and grow revenues.

“Postal Corporation is in the track of embracing technology and striving to expand its product portfolio from the traditional mail to modern forms of communication that suit the current market model,” said Enock Kinara, the Post Master General.

The mobile-based service dubbed Posta Mkononi will enable customers to use their mobile numbers as their post office box address. Upon sending or receiving a package from any post office in Kenya, the customer gets a notification on the registered number. MailsThere is also the option of having the package delivered to one’s doorstep at a fee.

PCK will charge new customers Sh300 annually for the service, about 13 percent of what is charged for the physical letter boxes.