Our school is gone: Photos from Makoko before and after the storm

The popular Makoko floating school built to withstand storms and floods at Lagos lagoon collapsed during the week, following heavy rains.

The wooden school was built on a platform held afloat by hundreds of plastic barrels. None of its nearly 50 pupils were in the building when it collapsed, according to officials, as classes had already been moved to another location in late March after heavy downpours at the start of the rainy season began to affect classes.

Completed in 2013, the building was constructed to provide teaching facilities for the slum district of Makoko, where over 100,000 people live.

Makoko Floating School before the collapse:

Makoko Floating School

makoko floating school
A teacher writes on the board at the floating school in Makoko fishing community

makoko floating school Makoko Floating School Makoko Floating School Makoko Floating School

Makoko Floating School after the storm:

Residents work to dismantle the Makoko floating school after it collapsed in the Makoko fishing community on the Lagos lagoon, Nigeria June 8, 2016. No casuality was recorded in the incident. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

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