Seychellois passport is the most valuable in Africa

If you are an African and you have a dream of travelling round the world in ten years, a Seychellois passport may be your best bet at living your dream. This is because holding this passport gives you travel access to 116 visa-free countries, the highest you can get with any African passport. This makes the Seychellois passport Africa’s most powerful passport and gives it a passport power rank of 23 on the passport index.

Passport Index ranked the most powerful passports in the world, based on the travel freedom that each passport holder enjoys. It looked at the number of countries a passport holder can travel to without a visa, to create the list.

Cover of Seychellois Passport
Cover of Seychellois Passport

Next to Seychelles is Mauritius, whose passport can take you to 111 visa-free countries. South Africa is third in Africa; its passport gives access to 84 visa-free countries. A passport of West African nation Guinea gives access to 81 visa-free countries, while that of Sierra Leone gives access to 69.

A Kenyan passport will take you to 68 countries visa-free, while a Gambian, a Nigerien, or a Ghanaian passport grants access to 66. If you are from the Kingdom of Lesotho, your passport allows you travel to 65 visa-free countries, but if you hold a Swazi passport, it’s 62.

Malian, Nigerian, Tanzanian, Zambian, Namibian and Tunisian passports all grant access to 61 visa-free countries. Malawi, Morocco and Benin – 60; Uganda and Senegal – 57; Cape Verde and Ivory Coast – 56; Zimbabwe, Congo, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Egypt – 53; Liberia and Mozambique – 52; Guinea-Bissau and Algeria – 51; Togo – 50; Cameroon – 48; Libya and Sudan – 47; Chad – 45; Gabon – 44; Rwanda and Angola – 43; Madagascar – 42; DRC and CAR – 41; Burundi and Equatorial Guinea – 40; Somalia and Eritrea – 39; Ethiopia and Djibouti – 38; South Sudan – 28.

Infographics on African countries with the most powerful passport
source: passport index