Top stories around Africa this week

A past that haunts. President Jacob Zuma’s chances of choosing an eventual successor are fading after South Africa’s top court found that he violated the constitution. That may be bad news for his ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

No swap, but there was a currency deal. Nigeria is just taking advantage of Chinese efforts to internationalize the Yuan but there was no currency swap as widely reported, a Minister says.

Let’s expand the family beyond Kenya. The lender plans to raise 4 billion shillings ($40 million) in a share sale to existing investors by June that will be used to fund an East African expansion.

Devaluation does not stop black market trade; ask Egypt. One month after Egypt sought to end a dollar squeeze with the biggest currency devaluation in 13 years, the country is back to square one.

Can cocoa and gold supply much needed dollar in Ghana? Traders in Ghana’s dollar-starved foreign exchange market are in for a boom fueled by cocoa and gold exports.

Nigeria isn’t over oil yet; low prices hurt government finances. Low oil prices continue to take its toll on Nigeria’s finances, as Africa’s top crude producer said government revenues fell in March to N299 billion ($1.50 billion), down from N345.095 billion ($1.73 billion) in February.

No to bumper package for executives. Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. last week recommended that shareholders reject the company’s remuneration report, while ShareSoc said Chief Executive Officer Mark Cutifani’s proposed pay was too high and should be denied.

Blacks are the majority but they feel marginalised. The amended 2016 Mining Charter states that producers “must achieve a minimum target of 26 percent ownership per mining right to enable meaningful economic participation of black people.”

Privacy is more important than ever to IM apps. Viber has joined WhatsApp,  Threema, Signaland Wickr on the end-to-end encryption train.

Respect yourselves and leave when your terms end. “If a leader doesn’t want to leave office, if a leader stays on for too long, and elections are seen as being gamed to suit a leader and he stays term after term after term, the tendency may be the only way to get him out is through a coup or people taking to the streets,” says Kofi Annan.

Three things:

World Economic Forum wants to showcase African Female Innovators; pitch yourself!

Econet seems to be going for Multichoice’s jugular. Waiting and watching.

Everyone wants a piece of this Nigerian; even Queen Bey!