It’s strange not to dance to the Mi Casa rhythm when in Africa

“We have never forgotten that without people we are nothing,” says J. Something, Mi Casa’s Lead Singer on how the group has become as popular as it is.

Mi Casa’s new video Chocolat is creating the kind of buzz expected. Fresh from the group’s third L.P titled Home Sweet Home, released on iTunes on October 24, the video is J. Something’s directing debut.

2015 has been a great year for the South African band. From an international tour of 12 cities around the world, to a national tour promoting Home Sweet Home and now a rousing acceptance of the new album, Mi Casa could not have asked for more.

The famous group whose members met on a stage in December 2010 has grown to become a household name in South Africa.

J. Something told The Nerve how they met. “Dr.Duda was rocking a DJ set at the Radison Hotel in Johannesburg. That event was being promoted by Mo-T’s brother, Chaps. Chaps gave his brother a call and asked him to come and play with this DJ … Mo-T rocked up and without knowing Dr.Duda from a bar of soap started freestyling with him. I was at the event … just arrived in Jozi and had a very brave moment, approached these two guys whom I didn’t know at all and asked if I could join them. They agreed. We were rocking the party man. People were like “who are these guys” … after the show people were asking us for photos and for our album.”

“We obviously didn’t have an album, heck we didn’t even know each other. So three months after that we got into studio and made our first album.”

The group’s first album took South Africans by storm winning three awards at the 18th South African Music Awards in 2012. The group had since gone on to release Su Casa (2013) which reached platinum status a year later. Home Sweet Home is already getting the kind of buzz that makes an award or two very likely in the coming months. The group’s popularity is massive as it expands its reach beyond Africa. But to Mi Casa, popularity is irrelevant.

“[What is] relevant is how long people allow you to be famous for. So we have never forgotten that. Yeah, we could say we are this popular because we make great music, which we do, but it’s not solely because of that.

“Never forget that without people you are nothing,” J. Something says.

The group is excited that African music is growing big outside the continent. “Nigerian acts are great examples for this.”

J. Something sees nothing but a very bright future for African music; “commercially sound throughout the States”.