First it was Nike; days later, world’s biggest luxury gym Equinox signs up Nigerian Laolu Senbanjo

The world is still in awe of the excellent art Laolu Senbanjo makes. His special appearance at Nike’s Air Max Con is on Friday night between 7-8 PM. He’s arguably the most popular artist out of Africa at the moment, and more brands are identifying with him. The latest is luxury fitness company Equinox which has made the Nigerian visual artist the face of the latest edition of its popular 2016 ad campaign titled “Commit to Something.”

In the latest ad titled Commit To Transform, Equinox notes: “Laolu Senbanjo quit his job as a lawyer to become the artist he always wanted to be. Now, with the world as his canvas, he takes every opportunity to show his roots. ‪#‎CommitToSomething‬“. To many who have commented on Equinox’s post on Facebook, the new ad with Laolu is Equinox’s best so far.

“This is the best so far thank you for coming to your senses,” a woman wrote, referring to Equinox’s past controversial, sexy, and provocative ad campaigns. Another wrote: “Yes Equino! Commit to change. This is indeed the best ad so far.

“Thank you Equinox for putting up something inspiring,” another wrote.


They were right. Laolu’s art was the redemption Equinox needed as it was already infuriating some loyal customers. While the luxury fitness company had an explanation for every provocative image and would probably not be affected by negative comments, due to its extremely loyal following, it needed a balance and Laolu’s art worked very well.

The world has not seen the last of the creative genius who believes in the potential of art to be used to transmit ideas, messages and concepts.

Laolu recently started a series titled Propaganda, which he describes as a reflection of his observations, as well as political and social commentary of the current political climate in the United States. “I believe art should reflect the times,” he wrote on Instagram in the caption of the art work on Hillary Clinton.

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