Top stories around Africa this week

President Buhari is doing his best to be relevant in global circles. Nigeria’s president is doing his best to improve his relevance in global issues. He has been travelling frequently since he assumed office, making bold statements as he did. The last time out, President Muhammadu Buhari was calling on members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC members to take action to stabilize oil prices which he noted have fallen to “totally unacceptable” levels.

Job cuts continue in South Africa. From mining to telecoms; South African companies are cutting costs by laying off workers as Africa’s most advanced economy continues to struggle.

This man took up an impossible task and he’s succeeding. Gregg Alton is paid to figure out how to sell the drug Sovaldi, which infamously retails in the U.S. at $1,000 a pill, for relatively next to nothing.

Nigerian consumers showed brands their vulnerability yet again. It was #NoBankingDay but they trooped to the banks ignoring the call to protest against illegal charges.

We founded this company together but you have to leave. When a billionaire wants his co-founder sacked, he easily looks like the bad guy. But he’s fighting a good cause.

No cash today, come tomorrow. Imagine getting to the bank to withdraw some cash and the bank tells you there is shortage. Maybe Zimbabwe should consider bitcoin.

Kenya closer to ending its energy troubles. When Kenya’s wind farm at Lake Turkana is completed, the country’s problem will be too much energy.

MTN ready to pay its fine. The $3.9 billion fine in Nigeria has affected the telco’s shares and revenue. But it is closer to a settlement and has high hopes in securing a reduction of the penalty.

More investment in a business shows faith. Both new and existing investors in the Africa Internet Group, the parent company of Jumia, have invested over $326 million.

Champions reinvent themselves. The Blackberry OS may be dead but the company will keep making devices.

Two questions

How did African stocks perform in February?

Can the next Einstein come from Africa?

Meanwhile, Nigeria has revealed plans to break its state-owned oil company into 30 subsidiaries. Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe may rule till he’s 99. He says he would like to die at 100.