Blackberry expands services business with acquisition of cybersecurity consultancy

BlackBerry Limited has never hidden preference for its security software and services business, going forward, as smartphone sales plunged in recent years. The company, Wednesday, announced the launch of its new Professional Cybersecurity Services practice that will further expand its security portfolio by offering organizations new consulting services, tools and best practices to assess and thwart ever-changing cybersecurity risks.

“BlackBerry is the gold standard when it comes to security and we’re always evolving to maintain this high standard as the complexity of enterprise mobility and security increases,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. “We recognize that security vulnerabilities are a top risk concern for public and private sector organizations alike. The creation of our Professional Cybersecurity Services practice and acquisition of Encryption reinforces our commitment to providing customers the industry’s most secure mobility solutions and helping them to assess and mitigate risks.”

Blackberry whose latest device PRIV has not done well in the market, according to analysts, said it sees great potential in cybersecurity consulting, which is currently worth an estimated $16.5 billion a year globally, and could grow to $23 billion by 2019. BlackBerry is already a big player in the space, securely managing hundreds of millions of mobile endpoints and providing critical systems software for more than 60 million connected cars. With 250 million connected cars expected on the road by 2020, Blackberry has millions more potential clients.

It is estimated that data breaches currently cost the global economy more than $400 billion every year. Organizations that depend on mobile endpoints that connect through networked and cloud-enabled platforms are therefore increasingly seeing the importance of cybersecurity. As cybersecurity threats become more pervasive with increasing Internet connectivity, there is a greater demand for more robust defensive tactics to combat these risks. BlackBerry says its Professional Cybersecurity Practice is intended to address that market demand.
BlackBerry has provided the world’s most secure mobility solutions for more than two decades, and has earned more than 70 government certifications and approvals – greater than any other mobile vendor.