Zimbabwe holds U.S. plane with South Africa Reserve Bank cargo

Zimbabwean authorities impounded a cargo plane carrying a consignment for the South African Reserve Bank after a body was discovered on board.

“The police are now handling the issue and the plane, which is owned by Western Global Airlines, has been grounded at Harare International Airport since Sunday,” Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe CEO David Chawota said by phone.

“The cargo in the plane belongs to South African Reserve Bank,” Chawota said. He wouldn’t disclose details of the cargo, citing security concerns.

The plane, en route to South Africa from Germany, landed at Harare after requesting permission to refuel when the body was discovered, Chawota said.

Western Global Airlines is based in Florida, U.S.

Bank owned by U.S based, Western Global Airlines Ltd., which is carrying consignment for South African Reserve Bank Ltd., after they discovered a dead body, an official said.

– Bloomberg