Nigerian fraudster pulls off a $3m Matt Damon-inspired email scam

When Nigeria’s President Muhammad Buhari spoke  about Nigeria’s image problems recently, he was only stating the obvious. However,  he was quoted out of context and was highly criticized by his people but it didn’t take long before an email believed to have originated from Nigeria reinforced the president’s position.

A man who addressed himself as the Astronautics Project Manager of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) is asking for $3 million to rescue a Nigerian astronaut who happens to be his cousin and was left behind in space by some Russians.


The email published at Anorak is all over the cyberspace but we are not surprised by this scam email.  What would surprise us is that you have never heard or read Mr Tunde’s story before.

This is not the first time; the email was out in 2011. The astronaut called Abacha Tunde was left behind, only that it wasn’t by Russians; it was by Americans. Well, the scam email probably inspired the 2015 movie The Martian in which Matt Damon was trapped in space.  No need to start explaining to you that that was a scam email. What we need to explain is that there are fraudsters everywhere.  And while we have some trying to use emails to rip others off,  we also have those trying to do genuine businesses,  and will contact you via email.  Do your checks,  be sure before you make any commitments but don’t make the mistake of thinking every Nigerian has a 419 in him.

No black African has ever been to space.  Freeman Osonuga could be the first this year. During the one hour he would spend in space,  he may be kind enough to keep an eye out for Abacha Tunde,  who by now would have almost completed his ‘alien-ation’.