Kenya’s Bamba Group becomes TechStars’ first investment in East Africa

Kenya’s Bamba Group whose focus is Monitoring and Evaluation — an integral part of development work — has been selected by foremost American accelerator Techstars, as the first East African company to join its programme. Ten companies will participate in the Techstars Austin 2016 cohort, a three-month programme which begins on February 15.

Launched three years ago, Bamba Group provides a variety of data collection and SMS-based customer engagement products. It developed a data collection software that can run in any country and sends a mobile airtime payment directly to a phone used to submit data in as many as 122 countries, using a cloud-based system. TechStars believes Kenya’s Bamba Group could be the next AirBnB or Dropbox within the next five years.

“We are very happy to select the first company from East Africa into the TechStars programme. Bamba Group is a testament to our globalized world where a startup from any corner of the planet can rise up, pursue their passion and make a lasting impact on the world,” says TechStars Austin Managing Director, Amos Schwartzfarb.

The experts will put Bamba through intensive training in Austin, Texas, and give them a cash investment to fast-track their growth.

Bamba Group co-founder and CEO, Al Ismaili is thrilled his company is among the 2 percent of the applicants who are accepted into the programme.

“It is our employees that are most deserving of this selection,” he said. We now look forward to the next stage of our growth with a new saying around the office – something we now hear regularly from our new mentors at TechStars – ‘Do More Faster’. We hope to make Africa proud”.

Mr Ismaili along with two other co-founders Faiz Hirani and Shehzad Tejani will attend a 13-week acceleration programme for hands-on mentorship and gain access to the TechStars Network, which includes more than 5000 people including founders, alumni, and global mentors.

Bamba Group Project Manager, Peter Onkendi, said: “Working for Bamba Group has been an amazing experience. The company’s culture is fantastic and I look forward to everyday at the office. What we are doing is very exciting and with Bamba being accepted to the TechStars 2016 programme I look forward to the opportunities ahead.”