Bolt Nigeria’s glitch shows why people should protect their cards judiciously

Imagine having just N10,000 ($27.33) in your account and you planned to buy foodstuff for the weekend with the money and then the next minute you receive an alert stating that you have been debited for a ride you did not take. What would be your reaction?

Popular cab-hailing app Bolt  (formerly Taxify) yesterday September 25, witnessed a major glitch with its services in Nigeria. This comes after users of the app were debited again for the trips that they previously took and had paid for. This issue set social media ablaze with a lot of Nigerians thinking that the App had been hacked.

However, following the complaints on social media, Bolt immediately sent out a tweet through their account stating that it had received complains from several riders and it was working with its payment processor to fix the issue.

While this was going on Flutterwave also made a post on Twitter stating that they recognize the issues that their users were having with regards to being debited.

Although the debits from Bolt were from Paystack, The Nerve Africa put a call through to find out if this was related to the issues that Bolt was having but Flutter wave denied having a relationship with Bolt. As at the time of writing this, all efforts to reach Paystack proved abortive.

These issues are happening at a time when it is no longer news that eCommerce sites are being hacked and several pieces of information stolen. It would be recalled that several companies in Nigeria were affected by the Ransomware attack in 2017 but they decided not to talk about in order to save their business. 

This could also be the case of Bolt which claims it wasn’t hacked. It also calls for a huge concern on how ready Nigeria is with regards to having a cashless economy. While the government insists on having a cashless economy Nigerians need to guard their cards and its details judiciously. It is advised that one card should be dedicated to online transactions by this you can transfer the money that you need from another account to the card account.