Ghana launches mobile application for preventing epidemic

In partnership with Korean Telecom (KT), Ghana Health Service has launched a mobile application which would help in preventing the transmission of infectious disease or any epidemic across the country.

This initiative known as Global Epidemic Prevention Platform (GEPP) is the first public-private partnership between Korea and Ghana. It is as a result of a collaboration between the South Korean company and the Ghanaian government to boost Ghana’s health information system using information communications technology (ICT). It would be recalled that in 2018, the two parties had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen the capacity on disease surveillance.

The platform which uses services data provided on health and communications technologies for disease prevention will upgrade the country’s capacity to handle infectious diseases.

GEPP Ghana is divided into three functions: GEPP Public warns users who are visiting epidemic-prone areas locally or abroad; GEPP Clinic allow Ghanaians to report their symptoms to health centers in real-time and provide information and locations of nearby clinics, and GEPP Government collects data from GEPP Public and GEPP Clinic and allows the government to monitor contagion progression.

Currently, the continent is faced with a number of diseases outbreak. For instance, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been battling with Ebola outbreak for a year now. This epidemic has so far killed about 2000 people with over 2600 reported cases. The World Health Organization (WHO)  reported that almost 5 million cases of malaria have been recorded this year. The East African Community is also battling with the yellow fever outbreak.

If this app is used properly it would help safeguard the West African country against epidemics. It will also help the government to quickly respond to outbreaks because it will be easier for the public to report cases to health authorities.  

Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare, Director-General of the GHS urged the public to download and make use of the app to help Ghana to improve public health and minimise socio-economic loses.

The telco is also working with its Kenyan counterpart Safaricom to roll out a similar service.