How Executives can change their corporate narrative

As humans, one of our greatest tools is storytelling. We have carried the cultures and teachings of our ancestors from generation to another, tweaking the stories and making changes along the way. Stories are a highway street to human emotions and help in decision making. Storytelling is both an art and a science and it’s not exclusive to journalists.

Every person and organisation has a story and only those involved can properly narrate the story; the more reason Chief executives should be at the frontlines, directing and shaping the narrative, especially in the corporate world.  Previously, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) sit on the sidelines, with the sole focus of making money but for an organisation to grow from point A to point B, it’s narrative needs to change. And the executive is well-armed with stories to drive this corporate narrative farther than it could ever have gone. However, this narrative can only be driven by a stellar reputation.

Executives estimate that 44 percent of their company’s market value is attributable to the reputation of their CEO. According to research, the quality of products and services and financial performance are shaped by a company’s reputation which is largely dependent on the leadership’s reputation. Many executives reported that the CEO reputation attracts employees (77 percent) and retains them (70 percent), attracts investors (87 percent), attracts positive media attention (83 percent) and crisis protection (83 percent).

We need a new narrative is a common refrain among executives and a narrative can be told best using stories. A corporate narrative tells the story of a company, the history of the company, the vision of the company and the mission of the company. The company’s values are expressed in the narrative and there is no better person to tell the story than the executive who has with experience, understands the organisation and has built a reputation over the years.

In the Global Africa Forum on Communications (SpeakForAfrica) taking place in Rwanda from 21-23 August 2019, Gina Din-Kariuki, CEO and founder of Gina Din Group Kenya will extensively talk about the topic,  “CEO’s on the Frontline: How Executives can help drive and shape corporate narrative and reputation.” 

The event will bring together over a thousand professionals from across the diverse verticals of the communications industry and from across the globe.