Ethiopians consider religion most important in the world

Humans are selfish by nature. Research has shown that humans only¬†cooperate because it was in everyone’s interests. However, this does not only apply to human-human relationships; people’s relationship with God is usually dependent on what they can receive from Him.

According to Pew’s 2015 Global Attitudes Survey, poorer countries consider religion very important in their daily lives. Believing in the existence of a supreme being or gods that has/have divine powers to deliver from suffering makes poor people very religious. Having someone to whom you can narrate your misery and table your complains is why many citizens in poorer countries are very religious.

The research by Pew revealed that almost all Ethiopians, Senegalese and Indonesians consider religion very important. The survey found that religion is generally more important to people in poorer countries than richer ones.

As economies get better and more people are lifted out of poverty, religion will become less important. Humans are naturally selfish. The more comfortably they live, the more they doubt the existence of any supreme being who can make ‘lives better’.

Around the world, which nationalities place the most importance on religion in their daily lives?

Infographic: Which Nationalities Consider Religion Most Important? | Statista
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