The Nerve Africa to host corporate and marketing communications professionals at the 2019 Social Media Week Lagos

As the Social Media Week (SMW) Lagos 2019 holds in February, TheNerve Africa is pleased to host corporate and marketing communications professionals in Nigeria at its session during the SMW Lagos event. The session with the topic ‘Thought Leadership and the Changing Rules of Content Marketing’ holds on Thursday, February 7, 2019 from 12:30p.m. to 1:30p.m.

The session topic feeds into the SMW Lagos 2019 theme “STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility” which aims to explore the power in the stories we tell, and how as content creators, policymakers, brands, journalists and citizens we can influence our community, customers, audience and constituents for the greater good.

The professionals participating in TheNerve Africa’s session will have the pleasure of listening to Oyinade Adegite, head of Corporate Communications at Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), Omotola Oyebanjo, head of Corporate Communications at Lafarge and Idy Enang, CEO Corporate Shepherds. Before Idy started Corporate Shepherds in 2009, he managed different brands such as Guinness, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Samsung and L’Oreal.  The three brand, corporate and marketing communications heavyweights will be discussing on a panel with the topic ‘Thought Leadership and the Changing Rules of Content Marketing’, moderated by the founder and practice director of AML Emilia Asim-Ita.

The panelists will dive deep into what thought leadership is and isn’t. With brands masking marketing content as thought leadership pieces, consumer distrust has grown and thought leadership is gradually losing the impact it once had. Several brands have also lost in their bid to sell with content marketing because they forget to offer value, which consumers of their content are looking for. Our panelists will discuss the failure of brands to effectively use thought leadership and content marketing to foster growth and advise on how to make things right.

SMW Lagos produced by AFRIKA21 returns to Lagos, Nigeria for it’s 7th edition from February 4 to 8, 2019. Thought Leadership and the Changing Rules of Content Marketing will be held at the SMW Lagos Campus located at Landmark Center, a state of the art event space in Lagos, Nigeria. The Nerve Africa’s session will hold alongside over 100 other panels discussions, masterclasses, digital installations, experiential talks, and networking sessions exploring a wide range of topics including business, entertainment, education, technology and politics. is open to the public. To learn more about our SMW Lagos 2019 event or SMW Lagos 2019 and register to attend, click here.

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