If it’s your first time in Africa, it is safer to go to Kenya or Liberia

You may not be totally safe but you’d always be safer in a country where citizens help strangers.

Kenya is the most benevolent country in Africa, according to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in its annual World Giving Index published in November. The country ranked 11th in the world and first in Africa on the list that had Myanmmar as number one. Kenya’s giving was also ranked as one of the most improved in the world over time.

Although Kenya is not the largest economy in Africa, nor is it the most advanced, but in reality, giving  is a way of life that has nothing to do with wealth. CAF explains this in why Myanmmar emerged world’s best giver. Myanmar’s strong culture of Theravada Buddhism, in which devotees practice Sangha Dana, continues to drive high levels of giving.

Apart from leading Africa on the index, Kenya also did well in the sub-indexes. The East African country ranked second in Africa in participation in helping a stranger behind Liberia which ranked second in the world. South Africa ranked 10th on the sub-index. However, in the number of people directly helping a stranger, Nigeria ranked first in Africa and 5th in the world. The most populous black nation is the only African country to make the top ten.

For many African countries, aids are very important to support the economy and develop infrastructure. It is, therefore, not strange not to find any country from the region on the money donation sub-indexes. However, what they cannot give in treasure, Africans give with their time and talent. Liberia was first in Africa (third in the world) in the list of the top 10 countries by participation in volunteering time. In the number of people volunteering time, Nigeria ranked fifth in the world and was the only African country on the sub-index.

According to CAF, Liberia is the second most benevolent country in Africa and Nigeria follows at third. Malawi ranked fourth, Mauritius fifth and South Africa sixth.