Nigeria’s President Buhari has some questions to answer

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari was seen as the man who would help Nigeria live up to its potential when he was elected earlier in the year, but months later, he has started losing much-needed goodwill of his people, many who now think the president underestimated ┬áthe challenges of his office and as a result, is struggling under the weight of the burdens he has to bear.

No one can really blame those who gave the president names or criticized him publicly over his policies; President Buhari hardly talks to his people. Most of the important information to have come out of the Nigerian leader himself had been communicated abroad. But tonight at 19:00 (Nigerian time), Mr Buhari will hold a media chat, his first since his inauguration on May 29.

A panel of journalists will ask the president questions many Nigerians have been dying to ask their leader, ranging from his economic policies to his assertion that the country has “technically” won the war against insurgency when attacks are still occurring. Questions about the 2016 budget are expected to also come up, as well as issues about the government’s anti-corruption war.

The media chat will be broadcast live on state-run media channels Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN).