How much of tech knowledge does a founder really need?

Several entrepreneurs with great ideas never really get around to bringing the ideas alive because they feel inadequate and lacking in requisite knowledge to make things work. Of course, there are others who built their startups with support from great Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) only for the CTOs to leave abruptly. Some founders have watched their startups burn to the ground due to the indiscretion of their trusted CTOs, strengthening the imagination of successful founders as tech gurus. But it doesn’t always have to be so.

Apple, AirBnB, Snapchat were all ideated by non-technical founders. They are successful because startups aren’t really all about the ‘tech’. A lot more goes into building a successful startup. But it gets better when you have all the support you need such as one provided by MVPschool, a community and technology product design school for non-technical founders.

It is a community for entrepreneurs and professionals, a movement to help non-technical founders go live with a tech-backed product (website, app, or service). The platform provides training, tools, and support to community members taking them through a detailed process to execute ideas leveraging tech.

While it does not necessarily build a founder’s capacity to personally address the tech aspect of their startup, it helps founders easily clarify business objectives, product usability, understanding of the market and user experience. The community seeks to continuously educate non-techies to leverage design thinking, no code and low code tools in creating minimum-viable products of their ideas quickly, enabling these founders to test the market with available resources and get more done in less time even before they hire their first developer. When they eventually hire a developer, they will also be sure they are getting the right fit. Even more interesting is the fact that the community offers founders a pool to dip in and get a co-founder, which may be the missing piece in the process of actualizing startup ideas.

“Non-techies are domain experts in their fields, they are closer to the markets they want to solve for, but they lack the technical know-how to required to craft tech backed products for the market. First thought is to hire a developer (local/remote) but this has its challenges, from availability, the cost to scope creep,” explains Samson Aligba, the entrepreneur behind MVPSkool.

MVPSkool kicks off with a webinar where panelists will be interviewed on different subjects, including Idea Testing (identifying opportunities), Rapid Prototype Development, User/Market Research Collaboration (co-working, networking, and ecosystem of partners) and Need for a concise business model.

The free webinar, which holds at 10:30am WAT on 20 October 2018, will have Jack Akpan – Head Business Value Realization, Interswitch Network at Interswitch Group, Sophie Freiermuth – Senior UX and Service designer Baguette UX, Chris Akande – Founding Partner Servus, Ex-VP, Technology Operations Konga and Modupe Odunyemi – Founder/CEO Capital Square as panelists.

“At the end of the webinar, we hope participants would be able to map out a clear path to revenue multiplication with tech, clarify competitive advantage and draw out an execution plan to deliver a product to market,” Aligba says.