12 Quotes from Carla Harris to start your day right

One of the most influential female black executives in the world Carla Harris has many sides to her. Apart from being the world famous Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, she is also an author of two books, Expect to Win (2009) and Strategize to Win (2014). She is a sought-after public speaker and an accomplished gospel singer with three albums to her name.

At Morgan Stanley, she is responsible for increasing client connectivity and penetration to enhance revenue generation across the firm but she means much more to people who are not even connected to Morgan Stanley in any way; constantly doling out advice on leadership, success and diversity in the work place.

Below are 12 of her recent quotes to start your day:

  1. We tend to focus on performance currency and ignore the relationship currency.
  2. Your ascension is based on someone’s judgement and judgement is based on relationships.
  3. You need to be intentional about being leaders.
  4. Just lead, don’t wait to be asked.
  5. It takes courage to be a purposeful, powerful, impactful leader. Courage to exercise your voice. Courage to define success for your team. Courage to leverage someone else’s experience for your benefit.
  6. As a purposeful leader, you must exercise your voice. You cannot afford to have a seat at the table and not use the power that comes with that seat.
  7. You have to be comfortable exercising your voice. Your voice is at the heart of your power. It is at the heart of powerful, purposeful leaders.
  8. Create other leaders. Give them the opportunities to fail. Give them the opportunities to succeed. Check your roster of people you are sponsoring and mentoring–if that is not a diverse list, then check yourself.
  9. I am intentional about teaching innovation. How do you teach innovation? You teach people not to fear failure. If they think there will be retribution for making a mistake, they won’t take a risk.
  10. Where there’s a market inefficiency, there’s a commercial opportunity.
  11. From a financial perspective, underinvestment in female and multicultural tech entrepreneurs represents a market inefficiency.
  12. When you bring somebody into your organization and have gone through all that trouble to find them, recruit them, pay them top dollar—there is no reason that they should fail. If they don’t do well, something is happening in your culture, and you should check that.

Carla Harris will be in Nigeria this November for the CFA Society Nigeria’s Nigeria Investment Conference 2018 where she will be the lead anchor of the Women in Investment Management Workshop at the conference. Click here to register for the conference.