Improving aid delivery and development strategy in East Africa through technological innovation

More than 250 senior representatives and advisors from regional governments, UN agencies, international and regional NGOs, CBOs, investors and donors, research institutes and the private sector will gather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city to discuss how technological innovations and best practice can improve aid delivery and development strategy in East Africa, especially with extreme weather phenomenon El-Nino estimated to cause 80 percent rise in East Africans needing aid.

The Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) Africa Summit 2016 demonstrates best practice approaches, current initiatives and latest innovations, offering trans-disciplinary discussions with participants from all relevant stakeholder groups. The agenda has been developed in consultation with key organisations, such as WFP, IRFC, World Vision, USAID, UNICEF, World Bank, Save the Children, UN Habitat, CRS, FHI360, Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity International, IRD, all of which have been actively involved in humanitarian causes in East Africa. Recently USAID announced an additional $88 million in humanitarian assistance for Ethiopia where 8.2 million people are in urgent need of food assistance as a result of El-Nino induced drought.

Sub-Saharan East Africa has high risks of drought, flood, famine and conflicts. The region also currently holds over 2.8 million refugees at the world largest and oldest camps and has over 10 million displaced people. Most countries in East Africa, therefore, depend on (development) aid from abroad. Even in such dire situation that calls for concerted humanitarian efforts, there are also business opportunities to exploit. With high profile meetings at the summit to bring together humanitarian and development experts, influencers, investors, thought leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs, participants will have the opportunity of building long lasting partnerships and more effective collaborations while discovering new business opportunities, exchanging ideas and influencing regional development and humanitarian goals.

At the AIDF, latest initiatives, innovations and development strategies in the region, especially around the use of mobile devices, health & WASH programmes, safety and financing will be focused on. Stakeholders will be able to compare humanitarian approaches and benefit from first-hand insight from regional and international development and humanitarian experts.

AIDF Africa Summit 2016 holds at the United Nations Conference Centre in Addis Ababa from 2-3 February.

The specific objectives of this summit are:

– to showcase expertise, approaches and innovations by different stakeholders in the region;

– to discuss guidelines and regional policy options that support technological innovations;

– to provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking amongst public, private and civil society stakeholders.