Nigerian startup Tizeti Secures $3m to expand to more countries in Africa

Tizeti, a Nigerian startup that is building Wi-Fi solar base stations to provide affordable unlimited internet across Africa has announced a Series A round of $3 million led by early stage VC 4DX Ventures. This follows the VC’s seed investment of $2.1 million in 2017.

Operating widely as a “Comcast for Africa”, Tizeti through its consumer facing brand, builds and operates solar-powered towers in Nigeria, while also providing residences, businesses, events and conferences with unlimited high speed broadband internet access, covering over 70 percent of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve. In November 2017, the startup partnered with Facebook to offer Express Wi-Fi in the country to roll out hundreds of internet hotspots across Lagos.

Kendall Ananyi, CEO and Co-Founder of Tizeti says, “Tizeti was built to tackle poor internet connectivity not only in Nigeria, but on the continent as a whole, by developing a cost-effective solution from inception to delivery, for reliable and uncapped internet access for potentially millions of Africans.

“We have grown rapidly in the Nigerian market in the last 12 months and expect to continue on this trajectory, as millions more Africans come online. This Series A investment allows us to continue providing a peerless service in Nigeria, building out our customer base there, as well as scale across Africa,” Ananyi continued.

With participation from existing investors Y Combinator Continuity, Lynett Capital, Social Capital, Western Technology Investment, Friále and Golden Palm Investments, the startup plans to start expansion from Ghana, also launching a new consumer-facing brand Wifi.Africa later this year.

As part this financing round, Walter Baddoo Co-Founder & Managing Partner of 4DX Ventures joins Tizeti’s Board of Directors. Baddoo says, “Reducing the cost of data in Africa is a critical step in accelerating the pace of internet adoption across the continent. Tizeti, driven by a stellar company culture, has built a world-class network that delivers data to users at a fraction of the current cost. Tizeti makes it easier and cheaper to connect Africa to the global digital economy and we are excited to partner with Kendall and his team on this mission.”

The company plans to make additional investments in operations, product development and overall customer experience, with a view toward growing profitability exponentially. Through it’s innovative use of solar-powered base stations, Tizeti is able to significantly reduce operating costs offering affordable consumers subscription packages with great value and an extensive coverage reach.

Tizeti is establishing itself as an ICT and tech infrastructure leader, deploying high speed internet access to estates, offices, multi-tenant building using next generation wi-Fi technology. They deploy unlimited internet to residential and business customers which allow customers get the full benefit of the internet with no data or time caps.

Since graduating from Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 batch, Tizeti has installed over 7,000 public Wifi hotspots within Nigeria with 150,000 users. A unlimited plan in Nigeria currently costs $30 per month.