Nigerian filmmaker Adeyemi Michael Tells A First-Gen Tale Told Through a Regal Nigerian Mother

Nigerian-British filmmaker Adeyemi Michael has released his new short film, Entitled. The short film shot in Peckham—which is home to the largest Nigerian community in the UK—focuses on his mother, Abosede Afolashade, who talks about what it means to be a first-generation Nigerian immigrant as she rides through Peckham on horseback in regal, Yoruba attire.

Entitled tells the struggles first-generation immigrants have and explores the dual identity experienced by a lot of Africans which they eventually find comfort in. Immigration and the integration of migrants is becoming an increasingly important issue in the Western world. As debates ensue in the context of globalization, a first hand experience as depicted by the short film reveals a migrant’s sense of identity while visually fusing the subject’s Nigerian culture and Peckham’s environment.


The film premiered on Channel4’s short film vertical, Random Acts, where the synopsis reads:

What does the immigrant fantasy feel like? Adeyemi Michael reimagines his mother’s idea of moving from Nigeria to Peckham in Entitled, a short film about leaving your country of origin. Riding a horse dressed in traditional Yoruba ceremonial wear, Abosede Afolashade, a first generation immigrant, takes to the streets of Peckham.

A visual storyteller, Adeyemi uses his ethos as a Nigerian born and living in the UK to tell stories that explore the line between his origin and his current environment, while also highlighting the social interaction between people and the things going on around them.

Adeyemi is a Grierson award-winning filmmaker, having released multiple shorts like PAPA, Stand Up For Africa, and Running The Line. He is currently working on a feature documentary.

Watch the full film below: