Innoson motors has finally automated its car production

Nigerian indigenous motor manufacturing company, Innoson Motors Manufacturing Company yesterday announced that it is moving from producing cars manually to automatically. This announcement was made yesterday through the company’s twitter page.

The production activities, which includes painting, filing and smoothening of the car frame, could be done using robotic equipment or tools rather than producing manually as they have always done.  

This move comes about four years after Innoson Motors unveiled its first made in Nigeria car which was made possible by the government’s automotive policy. The automation policy announced in October 2013 was aimed at discouraging the importation of wholly assembled automobile and encouraging local manufacturing. Second-hand cars known as tokunbo are popular in Nigeria due to the fact that its price and affordability are their best value proposition. Innoson also intends to eradicate tokunbo cars from Africa’s most populous country and the continent as a whole.

Despite the fact that the vehicles are called made in Nigeria products, it is worthy to note that the components of the cars such as Car seats, steering wheels and engine blocks are imported.

This news has been welcomed by a lot of Nigerian who see it as a stepping stone for Innoson to be able to satisfy its customers locally by having more made in Nigerian cars on the roads across the country. It would also see the company export its cars to neighbouring African countries and beyond.