Google removes Uber’s booking integration from Google Maps

The convenience of requesting an Uber ride from Google Maps was removed by Google on Tuesday, 19 June, signifying a possible end to an 18-month partnership between Google and Uber.

In January 2017, Google and Uber teamed up to produce a feature in Google Maps that enabled customers search for, book, and pay for an Uber without the hassle of installing the Uber application. According to Google’s new support page, “You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps.”

On Google’s ride-sharing tab which supports 17 different country specific services, Uber was previously the only one that let you pay for a ride and complete your trip all inside Google Maps. But with the removal of the feature, booking a car with Uber will switch you to the Uber app.

Although it is unknown why Google and Uber have decided to end the program, with this new development, Uber will witness a hike in its application users as more persons would be forced to download the application.

Google and Uber were like ‘big brother and little brother—until it all went wrong.  In 2013, Google’s co-founder, Lawrence Edward Page popularly known as Larry Page invested $258 million in Uber for a ride in a self-driving car. But the relationship began falling apart when Uber heard that Google was getting into ride-sharing and both parties went to court to settle their dispute. It is, however, uncertain whether the exit of the ride hailing service on Google’s platform is temporary or a breakdown of a once-fruitful relationship.