Burna Boy’s ‘Ye’ crosses cultural boundaries with help from Kanye West

Kanye’s album title is accidentally leading fans to Nigeria singer Burna Boy’s song ‘Ye’. The newly released album, Ye, simply titled after the well-known shortened version of Kanye West’s first name has resulted in a mix up among fans. 

‘Ye’ is the sixth track on Burna Boy’s latest album, Outside, released in January 2018 is leading folks who have been searching for the project all over streaming platforms to stumble on the latter’s polyrhythmic track off of his early 2018 album.

Prior to the release of Ye on Friday, 1 June, Kanye built a lot of buzz around the project with his recent Twitter outbursts. On the night leading to the album’s release, held an outdoor listening session in Wyoming which was made available via live stream.

This heightened the interest of his fans around the world, who immediately took to the various online music sites in search of the album only to stumble on Burnaboy’s single instead.

The mix up hasn’t disappointed fans though, one Twitter user shared that they listened to Burna Boy’s album, “[and] it was FLAAAAAMES HOLY FUCK.” Burna Boy also jumped on Twitter himself to thank Kanye for the boost, uploading a video while dancing to Yeezy’s “Yikes.”

A search on the Apple charts also confirms this, as his album, Outside which had fallen out of the Top 10 list in Nigeria has now shot to No. 3 on the Album charts as at Tuesday, 6 May, after Adekunle Gold’s About 30. Kanye’s Ye clinched the No. 1 spot. Burnaboy’s single, Ye, however is currently trending at No. 3, knocking out Kanye West’s All Mine and Yikes at No 4 and 5.

“Thanks Ye”, the singer tweeted on Monday. He also acknowledged that his album streams were up 200% because of the mix up.

Burna Boy, who has enjoyed a mixed career filled with solid musical projects and unending controversies, is presently on tour in the United States.