Rand or Zuma? South Africans want president out as currency falls

When South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma sacked the finance minister Nhlanhla Nene and replaced him with ‘unknown‘ David van Rooyen, he knew South Africans were going to react but he might not have thought the effects of his actions would be far-reaching.

Investor confidence in the struggling economy has dipped and the currency has lost more value. The rand plunged late on Wednesday after President Jacob Zuma announced his infamous decision, falling as much as 5.4 percent against the dollar to hit a record low of 15.3857.

If it’s just about taking on South Africans, Zuma has never been really fazed…not until the #FeesMustFall protests. He once called South Africans lazy people and got away with it. But this time, #ZumaMustFall.

The hashtag is being used on social media to call for the removal of President Jacob Zuma. The #ZumaMustFall petition has now gotten more than 100,000 votes and counting.

Here’s what people have been saying on twitter: