Tanzania’s tourism receipts increased to over $2.4 million in 2017

Tanzania has seen increased tally in its tourist arrivals, after its steadfast commitment in ensuring that the growth and development of its tourism sector is maintained. The tourism sector is considered one of the reliable and pivotal sectors of the country.

Recent data revealed that asides increase from previous tally, the East African country witnessed an increase in the number of tourists arrival from mostly Germany, Switzerland and some African countries due to intense policies made for the sector, The exchange reported.

Tanzania’s tourism sector in 2017 had travel receipts of positive increase from previous $2.1 million to over $2.4 million. The tourism sector in 2016 generated over $1.9 million, which indicated the growth of the sector over three years for the month ending February.

Seeking to dominate the East African tourism market as part of its plans to boost the economy, Tanzania has been renovating tourist attraction sites with improved infrastructure. So far, there has been significant increase in the number of tourists from abroad as a result of the publicity the country has been receiving both at home and abroad.

President John Magufuli noted plans to support the sector in reaching its maximum potential, report says.

Besides the tourism sector, the second largest economy in the East African Community is largely dependent on its agriculture sector for employment which accounts for 24.5 percent of gross domestic product, half of the employed workforce and provides 85 percent of its exports. The country is believed to be on a course of setting itself on the pedestal of a competitive middle income economy.