Nigeria: Skateboard and lifestyle brand WAFFLESNCREAM unviels Rainy/Wet ’18 collection

Nigerian streetwear label and skateboard pioneers WAFFLESNCREAM have unveiled their Rainy/Wet ’18 collection inspired by their environment and upbringing in West Africa. 

WAFFLESNCREAM boasts of a community of like-minded skateboarders, bmx riders, graffitti artists, photographers, musicians, graphic designers and video directors who bring a genuine approach to celebrate subcultures, and despite the challenges of infrastucture and environment whereby there are no skate parks, few pavements and heavily congested roads. They have succeeded in becoming a staying power in Nigeria’s creative scene.

“Skate boarding can be anywhere,” Jomi Marcus-Bello, one of the co-founders of WAFFLESNCREAM had told CNN.

The collection, seemingly inspired by the era of Nigeria’s ’60s and ’70s, imitates fabrics worn by parents and grandparents at traditional events, as according to MoreBranches, they wanted to create a unique collection that represents their love for skate and fuses their cultural influences and references.  Last year, WAFFLESNCREAM released their Dry/Harmattan ’17 collection, which explored the water sports scene in Lagos.

They just released their latest Rainy/Wet ’18 collection – a more relatable version of Spring/Summer fashion season for Nigerians. Their collection announcement included a campaign featuring motorcyclists from the Lagos streets and highlights the impact WAFFLESNCREAM wants to have not just in fashion but their community as a whole..

Adapted to represent their love for skating, the collection features their staple t-shirts and hats, silk trouser co-ord sets, ankara print trousers and button-up shirts.

Nine years after, the team have opened their first skate store in Lagos and continue to increase interest in skate culture through film, photography and illustration.

All around Africa, the skating culture is only beginning to garner serious attention. Skateboarding may have originated in California but the trend is spreading across the Atlantic. In 2016, $35,000 was raised through crowdfunding to open a skate park in Addis Ababa. Kenya held it’s first skating competition at Shangilia Skatepark, Nairobi in 2015. Skateboarding is changing the lives of rural children in South Africa, in addition to the thriving skate scenes in Madagascar and Uganda.

Skateboarding is set to feature for the first time in the 2020 Summer Olympics in TokyoJapan as the International Olympic Committee voted in 2016 to add skateboarding to the summer program, a development which will give yet another dimension to the skateboarding culture in Africa.