Tana Forum: African Union needs to be vibrant in ensuring the continent’s security

African Union has not performed optimally to ensuring and safeguarding the peace and security in African countries, according to former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo.

He made this known while speaking during an interactive panel discussion on Ownership and Financing of Peace and Security in Africa” at the 2018 Tana Forum taking place in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

“We need to be honest with ourselves here,” said Obasanjo. “The African Union has not done much about the security issue in the continent.”

He added that the African Union needs to get active in its goal to have a better and safe Africa, in order to justify the reason why they exist. Using four African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan and Burundi as a point of reference, the former president and outgoing chairman of the Tana Forum noted that African Union is yet to strategize on how to address security issues in these nations if they get the funding they are clamoring for.

The Pan-African leader added: “The question is not about funding, rather its about the solutions you intend to pursue after you obtain the fund needed. There is need for a clear map of where we are going.

“We need to stop depending on our partnership with non-African unions. The African Union needs to sit down and come up with better solutions than what they’ve been doing.”

While reacting to the point raised by the former Nigerian president, the founder of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) and Tana participant Dr. Nkasona Moyo recommended that the current African Union should be dissolved to come up with a better sovereign union.