Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister confirms attendance for the 2018 Tana Forum

The new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, His Excellency Dr. Abiye Ahmed Ali, who was sworn in recently will be delivering the opening and closing remarks at the 7th Tana Forum on 21st to 22nd April 2018 in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. This announcement was made by the Tana Forum secretariat.

This year’s event, themed “Ownership of Africa’s Peace and Security Provision: Financing and Reforming the African Union”, is expected to generate convergent views on Africa’s security delivery analyzed through the lens of AU reform.

According to the tradition of Tana Forum, the prime minister is usually expected to deliver the opening and closing remarks at the event since the government of Ethiopia is the official host.

“We look forward to hearing his views on the AU reforms process, as well as his perspectives on current peace and security challenges on the continent,” said H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria and Chairperson of the Tana Forum.

Dr. Abiye’s presence at the forum is also significant because he is not just the prime minister of the country but he also has a PhD from the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, which is the organizing secretariat of Tana Forum. In 2017, he presented his dissertation on “Social Capital and its Role in Traditional Conflict Resolution in Ethiopia: The Case of Inter-Religious Conflict in Jimma Zone State.”

The Tana Forum offers an avenue where African leaders, security experts, and African security enthusiasts meet to discuss a way out of the various security issues and conflicts plaguing the continent.

The forum’s ability to combine the worlds of academia and research with real-world, real-time experience also makes the event policy-relevant and action-oriented.