Tana Forum: Nigeria’s former president reveals how the country can tackle insecurity

Recently the former President of Nigeria and Board Chairperson of  Tana Forum, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said that tackling insecurity is one of the things Nigeria needs to do in order to achieve stability.  This was made known during the zero hunger programme for Nigeria which took place in Maiduguri.

The former president has continually shown his interest and expertise in the issues of insecurity in Africa most especially in Nigeria. He has also made it known on several occasions that he is  ready to do everything possible to bring Africa​’​​s​ growing insecurity to a halt.

According to the former president,  investigations into the insurgency of the islamist sect, Boko Haram, revealed that  “misconception, misperception, grievances, poverty, unemployment, drug, arm trafficking, human trafficking, poor education, fundamentalism and misrepresentation of religion” were the forces driving the growing insecurity in Nigeria.

During his speech at the Zero hunger programme, Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said that the provision of jobs in North-East of Nigeria will definitely reduce the scourge of insurgency in the northeast. Obasanjo said that twenty-five out of twenty-six young people were participating in insurgency because they do not have work to do.

Chief Obasanjo further said that the provision of jobs by Zero hunger programme to the young people of the northeast and Nigeria if well coordinated by the states concerned will divert attention away from insurgency.

“Out of the seventeen sustainable development goals, set by the united nations, zero hunger has a validation for fourteen of them which is why it cannot be ignored by any African.

“Let me assure you that we are not trying to bring more policies beyond what exists now, we have many of these policies that can take us to where we must be.

“As a matter of fact, we are trying our best to help the sector to grow regardless of lack of funds and the ability to ensure that the agro sector is resuscitated. This is what we are into, making sure that hunger is put at bay especially in the northeastern corner of Nigeria.

“Indeed twenty five out of twenty-six were into Boko Haram because they had no job as such zero hunger will break the circle of this dangerous way which is not making progress in the country. We will not relent till they get to the bottom of that matter.” Former president Obasanjo noted.

At an event which took place in Bayelsa recently, the former president also said that if one state is peaceful, secured and safe in Nigeria, it is an example to others and it goes a long way because the aggregate peacefulness, the aggregate security and the aggregate security is what makes for peace, security and stability of our country.

There is an urgent need for a close study of what leads Nigerian youths into the desperate act of suicide bombing, when they are aware that they would die in the process.