Uganda’s Mining industry goes digital

To advance in technology and boost productivity, Uganda’s Directorate of Geological Surveys and Mines (DGSM) has decided to go digital by awarding a contract to Spatial Dimension, a Trimble Company, to upgrade its mining cadastre to an e-government based mineral licensing system.

According to state Commissioner of Mines, Agnes Alaba Kuterema, the decision to go digital will ease transaction of businesses. “Most of our internal processes are still paper-based and can be quite cumbersome. This sometimes leads to delays or incorrect decision making by officials. By moving our mineral licensing system online, we are essentially digitising both our data and our processes.”

Several sectors in the country still run operations manually and with the e-mineral licensing system customers can now submit applications online as well as undertake all other statutory business processes such as making payments, submitting reports and production returns as well as undertaking renewals and relinquishments.

In addition to boosting productivity, the online mineral licensing system hopes to significantly enhance the government’s revenue collection abilities.

Confirming the partnership with the government, President of Spatial Dimension, Bill Feast, said “Uganda is joining a growing list of our customers who are embarking on e-government initiatives and launching online transactional mining cadastre systems.  These systems all leverage the power of our flagship solution, Land folio, meaning that existing customers can transition seamlessly from traditional back-office mining cadastre systems to online transactional ones.”

“I am looking forward to working with the team from Trimble as we upgrade our processes and systems to support our transition to e-government. While we have benefited significantly from running Landfolio in the back-office for many years, the transition online is an important one as we position Uganda as a mining destination of choice,” concluded Vincent Kedi, Principal Mining Engineer at DGSM.