Listeria outbreak increases fear for South African processed meat imports

Following the announcement of findings that linked the source of the deadly listeria outbreak in South Africa to Tiger Brand meat factory, East African authorities are taking measures to stop processed meat imports in their countries.

Mozambique on Monday in a statement through its ministry of agriculture and food security banned the importation of South Africa’s processed meat products in the country.

According to the statement in a Reuters report, the Ministry “asks that all owners of establishments that commercialize these products start to withdraw from the shelves due to the danger that this constitutes to health.”

On another end, the Zambian high commission in Pretoria on Monday instructed South African retailers to remove ready-to-eat meat imports from its stores.

“Chain stores should emulate measures put in place by the South African government to recall cold and meat products supplied by the firm,” said Zambia’s high commission in a statement.

So far, the listeria outbreak has claimed the lives of 180 people and left over 900 people at the mercy of medical care, after consuming a cold meat product made by South Africa’s biggest consumer foods group.

South Africa’s Health Minister, Aaron Motosaledi had earlier announced the recall of all Polony products made by both Tiger brand and RCL foods companies and noted that there is a further ongoing inquiry into the second facility that is owned by the Tiger brands, RCL foods.