South Africa’s top job goes to Cyril Ramaphosa

About 16 hours after, Jacob Zuma’s resignation, the Former Vice President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected  by parliament as South Africa’s president.

This marks a new beginning  for the country after Jacob Zuma mismanaged the economy. Immediately after his swearing in the president of South Africa, who looked very energized vowed to fight corruption. This has been seen as an indirect reference to Jacob Zuma.

“Issues to do with corruption, issues of how we can straighten out our state-owned enterprises and how we deal with ‘state capture’ are issues that are on our radar screen,” Ramaphosa said.

It is reported that the new president shared in the Vision of Nelson Mandela and he is expected to carry on the dream of Madiba. Ramaphosa was by Nelson Mandela’s side in February 1990 when he strode to freedom. He also  went on to become the anointed successor of Mandela but that was thwarted for two decades.

Ramaphosa, 65 will be faced to rebuild the government of South Africa and the ANC. He will have to  boost the confidence of foreign investors and the local business communities on South Africa’s economy as well as sorting the issue of water shortage in Capetown.