First phase of mixed luxury apartment kicks off on Eko Atlantic

Eko Development Company (EDC) limited has began the construction of the  Eko Atlantic “Azuri Peninsula” mega project, in the commercial hub of Lagos State on Friday.

Aimed at providing the optimum place to live, work, play and invest, EDC’s Chief Officer Ibiene Ogolo who confirmed the report noted that the Azuri Peninsula “offers a unique and luxurious urban lifestyle by the delightful marina-front of the Marina district in the vibrant new Eko Atlantic City.”

“Azuri has currently been fully occupied, as 80% of the available buildings have been taken, while the remaining 20% deals are not yet completed for the final owners,” Ogolo added.

The new peninsula which is still under development is anticipating at least 250,000 residents and a daily flow of 150,000 commuters. The project includes the construction of 12 super-luxury simplexes, two villas and 120 luxury apartments including another 7 townhouse.

Construction of the mixed luxury development would take at least 127,507 square metres for building constructions on the site, with the first phase take 13,000 square metres, and another 130,000 square metres for built up area.

Situated in Eko Atlantic (EA) city with an attractive walkway, high-end shops, cafes and a wealth of amenities in a curate and classy environment, the Azuri Peninsula development is integrated with a five-star marina and yacht club.

Eko Atlantic is a planned city of Lagos State, Nigeria, to solve the chronic shortage of real estate in the world’s fastest-growing megacity. Constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean, EA is a focal point for investors capitalizing on rich development growth based on massive demand and a gateway to emerging markets of the continent.

Development of the Eko Atlantic city would also have a positive environmental impact in stopping the erosion of Lagos State’s coastline and satisfy needs for financial, commercial, residential and tourist accommodations, with a state of the art high tech infrastructure in line with modern and environmental standards.