Facebook will give up to $1m to community leaders

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced over the weekend that aplications are now open for the social network’s Community Leadership Program.

The program will offer  selected extraordinary community leaders on Facebook, Instagram, Whats app and Messenger, from across the globe, residency, fellowship and grants of up to $1 million each.

These online leaders must have a proven track record of leading communities that have positive impact, build common ground and foster in-person connections.

“Great leaders set the culture, inspire us and look out for our well-being. They help build communities that didn’t exist before. And we believe if we work to give them more tools, they could do much more,” Zuckerberg wrote on his page.

Both the residency and the fellowship come with training, support and funding. Up to five community leaders with the boldest, highest impact ideas will be selected from around the world as community leaders in residence with a grant of up to $1 million each to fund their proposal. Up to 100 people will be selected as community leadership fellows and will receive a grant of up to $50,000 each to be used for a specific community initiative.

Though Facebook began as a social network between family and friends, social entrepreneurs have smartly deployed it as an advocacy tool launching online communities, addressing salient issues and impacting lives.

Last July, Lola Omolola, founder of Female in Nigeria (FIN) was invited to Facebook headquarters to a chart with Zuckerberg. FIN is a secret women’s group that addresses gender inequality issues and has amassed over 1 million members worldwide.