A Non-Profit Has Set Up A Center For Memories To Document Nigeria’s Checkered History

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it ~ George Santayana

Nigeria has a past that is intricately intertwined between pleasant and unsavory. However unsavory, wishing its memory away does more harm than good as history is more often than not, certain to repeat itself. Enter Center for Memories, a non-governmental organization turning history on its head with creative activities, not only as a reminder but to help the nation retain its identity.

The Centre for Memories which aims to become the leading hub for Igbo history, culture, and excellence- formally launched its inaugural exhibition,  detailing the significant contributions of Ndigbo (people from the Eastern part of Nigeria ).

Designed by Uzoma Okoye, MD of Etu Odi Communications (one of the judges of the just concluded New York festival) and curated by Ifeanyi Onwuegbucha, the exhibition included photos, artifacts, and profiles of some of the most illustrious Ndigbo, in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

Guests used the “Wall of Memories” to capture their most enduring memories most of which were about the legacies of the Civil War.

The exhibition titled, ‘Ola Ndi Igbo: Igbo Contributions to Nigeria and the World until 1970’ featured various spheres of human endeavor including the arts, sciences, education, sports, literature, enterprise, etc.

As a repository of the history and culture of the Igbo tribe that aims to inform and empower leaders to serve with excellence and integrity, the Centre for Memories primary purpose is to conserve and promote the Igbo history, her arts and culture.

Preservation of this history is projected through a combination of activities including exhibitions, dialogue sessions, scholarly research, Igbo language classes, book readings, activities for children, and an artisanal corner for pottery, blacksmithing, uli body art, and other forms of Igbo artistry.

Dignitaries present at the event include Innocent Chukwuma from Ford Foundation West Africa, Monsignor Obiora Ike, the Executive Director of Globethics, Ikeogu Oke, winner of the 2017 Nigeria Prize for Literature and the award-winning Amarachi Attamah amongst others.

Much more is to be seen as the ongoing exhibition due to end March 2018 will cover a range of subjects including Igbo women and achievements, Uli Art, the origins of Ndigbo, as well as Technology and innovations in Igboland.