Coffee From Four East African Countries Rank Among the World’s Top 30

With 96 points, 95 points and 93 points, some coffee makers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda have distinguished themselves hence, earning them a recognition on Coffee Review’s top best specialty coffee producers list.

For three consecutive years Coffee Review has celebrated coffee roasters, farmers and mill-owners who have excelled in producing coffees that are superb in quality and have distinct features.

Africa accounts for about 12% of the world’s coffee production. Ethiopia and Uganda dominate the region’s coffee production, together accounting for 62% of sub-Saharan Africa’s coffee output. In 2017, Ethiopia earned over $866 million from exports.

In a bid to honor the dedication of coffee producers large and small who with the support of their roaster partners are crafting a range of sensory excellence and diversity that has never existed before in the history of the beverage, Coffee Review honorary list was born.

Rated a percentage out of a 100, these coffee makers were scored based on quality, uniqueness of origin, rarity of tree variety and most importantly affordability of price per rating.

In fourth position with 96 points Kenya Kabare AA makers of Revel Coffee stands tall. The South-Central Kenyan brewed coffee with a price estimate of $14.50/12 ounce, graced the list due to its originality, velvety mouthfeel and richly drying finish.

At 12th position Rwanda Bufcafe’s JBC Coffee Roasters was recognized and reviewed as “one of the most impressive Rwanda coffees to have reached our cupping table in years”. This review is mainly due to the coffee’s crisp, deeply sweet and balanced taste produced from trees of the Bourbon variety of Arabica. JBC goes for an estimated price of $17.25/12 ounce.

Originating from Sidama, Southern Ethiopia is the Reunion Island Coffee by Ethiopia Sidama. With an estimated Canadian dollar price of $17.00/12 ounce, it is 17th on the list with 94 points. During Coffee Reviews November 2017 report, Reunion Island Coffee was named the highest rating in a tasting of 71 organic-certified coffees from Africa.

Gracing the list at the 20th position is Kenya Riakiberu AB’s—Cimarron Coffee Roasters produced by the Kamacharia Farmers’ Cooperative Society from trees of the admired Bourbon-derived SL28 variety of Arabica. With 95 points, the dark chocolate, crispy-Sweet-savoury structured coffee is estimated at $14.00/250 grams.

Uganda’s Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters is listed as the 27th on the top 30 Coffee Review list. The medium-light roasted bean is priced at an estimate of $19.75/16 ounce with 93 points to its name. This coffee is distinct for its plush and lightly syrupy mouthfeel.

Capping the list up is Question Coffee an origin of Rukara, Rwanda. Rewarded for its perfect blend of sweet fruit and floral notes juxtaposed with suggestions of savoury herbs, Question Coffee was rated 93 points at the bottom of the top 30 list. It is estimated at $13.99/12 ounce.

Arabica coffee which originates from Ethopia is renowned for its unique Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Harar Arabica varieties, while Kenya’s fine Arabica beans grown at high altitude near Mount Kenya are in equally high demand.