Africa’s $2m Lotto: Why Nigeria’s ex-football legend is betting on lotto to fund his charity

Lotto business has proven to be lucrative in Africa, with many investors keying into the booming world of gambling; willing to take the risk involved with the hope that it yields profit and at the same time make others happy.

In South Africa, lotto’s first millionaire, Batsirayi Mupfawi experienced a life changing event when he pocketed more than R13 million (R13,831,850) in the fifth lotto draw after the lottery Jackpot rolled over three times.

For Mupfawi and other 473 individuals that South Africa’s National Lottery has made millionaires, life cannot be any better after a big win in one night. Previous losses be damned, winners will definitely chant the mantra “Mama look at how we made it”.

In Nigeria, research has shown that lotto is now played across all gender from the ages of 14 to 60. The advent of internet connectivity has expanded the market, where one can now bet within the comfort of their homes.

Unlike gambling which can involve very high stakes, Lottery (Lotto) is mostly a form of entertainment that involves staking as low as N20 to N100 for very high rewards for those willing to take the risk.

With a booming lotto industry, Nigeria has witnessed its own era of lotto betting with platforms such as Baba Ijebu, Western Lotto, Quicklotto, Afrolotto, Mlotto, Plentymillions and Naija lottos, further creating a goldmine of opportunities for many Nigerians.

Presenting another life changing opportunity is the recently launched Kanu Heart Foundation (KHF) lotto, that offers a jackpot starting at N1 billion, making it the biggest lotto in Africa.

KHF lotto is a major fund-raising initiative by Legendary Nigerian footballer-Nwankwo Kanu, to help support the Kanu Heart Foundation and serve as a means to raise fund to build a specialist cardiac hospital in Abuja, the country’s capital.

Twenty percent of every ticket sold will go directly to KHF to help it continue its work of ensuring underprivileged children across Africa with heart problems get the treatment needed.

Kanu Heart Foundation Kids

Commenting on the lotto initiative, Kanu said “We are excited to launch this major fund-raising initiative for the Kanu Heart Foundation and hope people support it by buying tickets, helping us to build a new heart hospital for Nigeria.”

“Not only could people change their own life with the potential to win the jackpot of over N1 billion, they can help to change the lives of other people by supporting our Foundation” he added.

Speaking in an interview with TheNerveAfrica, Kanu noted that the lotto is not targeted at the unemployed, rather it is for those who have the means and livelihood to enter the draw. In other words, it is for the ‘rich, mighty and capable’.

“People love to dream about winning life-changing sums of money and know they are also helping the Kanu Heart Foundation continue its good work at the same time” he said.

Over the years, the proceeds of regulated lottery have been used in many countries for developmental purposes. The Kanu Heart Foundation lotto hopes to tow same path,  but this time for a greater cause; to save lives and give back to the country and Africa at large. “We also work according to best practices with regards to social responsibility” he noted.