Raila Odinga takes his opponent back to the polls, a first in Africa

It appears the claims of Kenya’s Presidential candidate and opposition, Raila Odinga are indeed true as the supreme court confirmed his claims of the election being hacked by canceling the election results. Amidst fears, violence and rumors of war the August 8th election was declared in favour of incumbent president Kenyatta Uhuru with a margin of 1.4 million votes.

It always seems promising for Odinga as he leads the polls but in a blink of an eye things begin to turn around and its no wonder Odinga has rejected the election results 3 times in a row. Reading the ruling, reached by a majority of four of two among the judges, Justice Maraga attested that the August 8 polls has not been “conducted in accordance to the constitution”.

It is to be remembered that a few days before the polls, the electoral commissions I.T manager, chris Msado, who was in charge of Kenya’s computerised voting system was brutally tortured and murdered weeks after he announced that codes and security protocols haave been adequately secured to prevent hacking.

Chris is one of the three individuals who has all the  for codes and security protocols of the IEBC system. His boss James Muhati another person with the codes was previously sent on compulsory leave, making Chris the Acting ICT Manager. After his death Odinga in a video said the hackers used Msados password to manipulate and rig the election in favour of his opponents.

This decision by the court would go down in history as the first ever African presidential election to be annulled. On the election manipulation, Chief Justice Maraga cited irregularities saying a new vote should be held within 60 days.