Angola’s SACS is linking up Africa & South America

Angola works towards becoming one of the leading telecommunication hubs in South Africa with the installation of South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) by Angola Cables. With the installation in its final stage, it would be the first direct link between Africa and South America. The installation of SACS is considered a strategic project for Angola, to help improve global communications and boost advancement of regional digital economy. This was made known in an official launch in Sangano, Angola.

Upon completion SACS – subsea cable with 40 Tbps of capacity that will extend more than 6,500 km to Fortaleza, Brazil- proposes to offer a paradigm shift in Africa’s telecommunications sector along with associated elements such as data centres and internet exchange points. According to the CEO of Angola cables, Antònio Nunes, “for Angolans, the time to access content available in America – the largest centre for the production and aggregation of digital content and services- will improve fivefold”.

Local data centre working hand in glove with already existing cable systems such as West Africa Cable Systems (WACS); a submarine communications cable linking South Africa with the United Kingdom along the west coast of Africa, and (MONET); a subsea fibre optic cable connecting the cities of Santos and Fortaleza in Brazil with Boca Raton in the United States, to complement Angola Cables SACS, connectivity would improve in Angola and surrounding regions, generating economic benefits. High-tech companies would require high connectivity so they would establish and grow their operations in Africa.

The installation phase of the cable on Angolan shore is one of the most important aspects of the project because it involves several levels of interaction, entities and lots of activities are required. Lots of planning and rigorous work are carried out to ensure protection of both cables and teams involved. This moment is considered high risk and critical because of the components working simultaneously.

The installation of SACS is being constructed by NEC Corporation began on the Angolan coast in the Quissama municipality and according to Nunes, “the installation of SACS represents a realization of a dream, a development that reflects our ability to find solutions and overcome challenges, always having in mind the final objective.