42,000 African migrants arrived by sea to Italy last month

Italy has registered more than 42,000 migrants arriving by sea by mid-April alone from Africa through the Mediterranean Sea, a record-breaking figure.

According to reports on dailymail UK, the numbers of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to Italy, increased by 42 per cent from last year.

The number is threatening the record figure announced by the the Italian Interior Ministry last year that the country received over 180,000 illegal immigrants from Africa.

According to the Italian coastguard 97 per cent of illegal immigrants arrived from Libya most of those arriving were from African countries including: Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Sudan, and Somalia.

Anna Aloisi, the mayor of the Mineo town in Italy which overlooks refugee camp site, begged Africa countries to do more in securing their borders, ‘Don’t transfer any more migrants in our town, we’ve had our share and now our tolerance level is way over the limit.

The problem has gotten so bad that EU leaders are now considering whether they want to install a European mission on the Libyan border with Niger to deter would-be migrants

The EU discussed providing technical and financial support to improve Libyan border security

Migrants in the ancient town of Mineo in Sicily. The town of 5,000 residents, mostly elderly, now neighbors a camp holding 4,000 migrants

Last month, European leaders signed a controversial plan to help stem the flow of African migrants to Europe. As part of the deal, the European Union will give $215m to Libya’s fragile government to step up efforts to stop boats in the country’s territorial waters.

The EU will also provide support for the setting up of “safe” camps in Libya and the voluntary repatriation of refugees willing to return to their countries of origin.