Siana, the American lady who visited Nigeria for initiation says she has found her purpose

In February, Siana-äiti Moirae left the United States of America for Lagos, Nigeria. She had one mission; to find the soul of her roots by being initiated to become an Ifa priestess.

After being initiated in Nigeria, Siana says she feels like a completely new person.

“My old self died and I have been reborn,” she told The Nerve Africa. “Everything that I thought I knew about myself has been redefined and I have more clarity on who I am at my core. After getting back to the States I had to relearn myself I felt like a baby learning how to walk for the first time so I took some time of solitude to ground myself in what I experienced.”

The experience

My experience while being initiated was amazing, enlightening, challenging, thought-provoking, intense, scary, uncomfortable, and liberating all at the same time. It brought me to a place of full surrender and trust. Being in Africa was such a huge culture shock for me and a shift from what I’m used to at home. I didn’t realize how entitled I was. Being in the country side of Nigeria, sleeping on a wooden mat, spending 7 days in a stone hut with no windows, using the bathroom outside, some days the electricity would come on at night, some days it wouldn’t and I would be in complete darkness. I’ve learnt that happiness doesn’t come from the material things that we have. True happiness comes from our connection with the spirit and the people around us. Although the people I was with lived a simple life, they where rich beyond measure. Their hearts were wide open and they treated me like I was their child. They bathed me, took me to the bathroom, dressed me, fed me, prayed for me, held me when I needed comforting, and took care of me. Even though there was a language barrier, we communicated through our love for each other. Love truly is the language of the universe.

More than I expected
Was it what I expected? Absolutely not. It was more than I could have ever imagined. Can one know what death feels like before dying or be able to talk about resurrection before rising? Ifá completely humbled me. I thought I had a good idea of what I would be experiencing while going through my initiation but I was wrong. The process of Initiation cannot be known until one becomes an initiate. It’s like this quote from Socrates “All I know is that I know nothing”. The wise know this saying to be true.


CREDITS: Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer: Siana-äiti Moirae
Photographer: Sahmia Ase

Connecting with the inner spiritual being
Initiation has grounded me in my calling and Purpose in life. I have a direct line of communication to the divinity and I am one with the divine. Initiation was like a marriage to God (Olodumare), Ifá, and Oshun. During initiation I received the Odu for my life which explained to me the ins and outs of who I am, what I’m meant to do in this lifetime, what my challenges are, and what my taboos are. When Chief Solagbade Popoola gave me the information about my Odu I was in awe and cried tears of joy. The connections I had to my Odu were out of this world. As he’s telling the stories and explaining them to me there were unbelievable connections in my life to the things in my Odu. Some of the things he shared with me I’ve already experienced and now currently experiencing. Having that clarity and confirmation dissolved all worry, doubt, and fear regarding my life. I now have clear instructions and a blueprint to living my highest purpose and best life.

Offering Sacrifices is highly misunderstood
Offering ebo (sacrifice) is probably the most misunderstood things about our practice. A lot of people judge it and demonize it because of their lack of knowledge. Just like the Native American Spiritual Practice, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and many other indigenous practices sacrifice plays a huge role in appeasing God. Even Christianity knows the power of sacrifice. Every communion, they remember “The blood of the Lamb” and how that sacrifice provided us deliverance. So what’s the difference between Ebo and kosher meat besides the fact that one is sold in stores, so “society” says it’s acceptable. My personal experience with Ebo being vegetarian makes it hard for me, but it also gives me awareness for the value of life. There where hens, roosters, and goats that were apart of my ceremony. Before we offer anything to the deity, we check in with spirit, connect with the animal, pray for the asé of the animal, talk to the spirit of the animal, we also touch our Third eye and hearts to the head of the animal as a symbol of connecting our Oris (heads).

My question for you is if you or someone you cared about had life threatening cancer and you had a choice to go through chemotherapy or offer ebo to be healed, what would you choose?

All of this is done while the animal is alive. After we make that agreement with spirit and the animal makes its transition to its spirit form; we say some more prayers, clean it, cook it, and eat it with the community. No life is wasted and we use every part of the animal during ceremony. It is a powerful thing having that depth of connection with and respect for your food. I am still a vegetarian and the only time I eat meat is when it’s Ebo meat because it is blessed. By eating it I’m showing appreciation for the life of the animal as well as having communion with spirit. My question for you is if you or someone you cared about had life threatening cancer and you had a choice to go through chemotherapy or offer ebo to be healed, what would you choose?

Nigerian experience awakened my spiritual powers
I wouldn’t say I was given spiritual powers in I Nigeria. I would say what I experienced in Nigeria awakened the spiritual powers that were already within me. This definitely as heightened my gift and ability to assist people in their healing and I will be using it to do as much as I can to help people reach their highest potential.

Spiritual Conception

And the spirit can help Nigeria’s economy
Although Nigeria’s economy is hurting right now, I do believe spirit can help change things. But nothing will change unless the people choose to change. There is no Ebo for bad character one has to work on their character to reach the place of the divine. Ones character is ones true mirror. Like it says in the Odu Osa Otura “Ifa is Truth, Truth is the indestructible word. Truth is the power of all powers, Everlasting blessings. Those were the declarations of Ifa to the inhabitants of the world. They were advised to be truthful at all times. Be truthful, be honest. Those who are truthful the Deity will support.”

Other pilgrimages 
I am in the process of organizing a trip to Africa with a large group of people. I have partnered up with Gladys Nyoth an advocate for the revitalization of Africa, Chef, and Restauranteur of Mbombo. Next summer we will be going to Africa with about 21 people to explore our lineages and learn from the motherland so keep a look out for more information about “Living The Alchemist: The Exodus” on

Message to the world
There is no religion higher than truth. The more we focus on ourselves, our growth, and connection to God the more we can do to impact the world. It is knowledge of self that is the true awakening. Affirmation: “I know how to be, so that I will be. I know who I AM, so that I AM.” Connection with self brings connection to the universe.

Crowning Oshun Acceptance